Jamil a 13 year old boy lives in an abandoned house with his other fellow street dwellers. Initially, Jamil used to stay with his aunt who happens to be his mum’s friend and a mother to Byamukama who is also our client. His father abandoned him and his mother in the house and they were thrown out due to failure to pay rent fee. His mother decided to leave him at her friend’s place.

With time, Jamil started feeling uncomfortable due to the way he was treated i.e. being abused, reminding him of not having a family and being abandoned by his very own father. With all this, he decided to leave the place and stay on the streets where he would get some peace of mind. His mother is a drug addict and an alcoholic. Jamil now illegally stays in a room that gets filled with water when it rains. He basically collects scrap for survival and before joining Kyuka youth outreach, he would spend his free time watching movies in cinema halls and gambling. He is always attacked by the old street dwellers for money, clothes and food in case he has and if he fails to give them anything, chances are high that he will be stabbed or beaten up. Despite the hard life that Jamil has lived, he still holds onto his dream of becoming a deejay and he believes one day his dream will come true. As for his education, Jamil stopped in primary five. He would like to go back to school if given the opportunity.


Happy faces, beautiful souls.

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